I think this is a perfect example of the very attitudes Samantha was talking about.
Jim E. Rustle

Well it’s not your bodies and rights they want control over, is it?

The selfish ones, if anything, were the pro-lifers, because they had to make it all about their stuff. All they had to do was join in quietly without, for one day in their lives, preaching about abortion — but they couldn’t do it. If they wanted to be allies they’d have put that shit aside for one day and joined us in what we were campaigning for — the ground we did agree on — instead of turning up with their pro-life propaganda. How on earth did they think that campaigning to restrict women’s rights over their own bodies would be received at a march that was primarily about protecting women’s rights, including the right to choose not to continue a pregnancy?

A woman can be as pro life as she wants for herself — nobody is forced to have an abortion if they don’t want one. All I ask is that they stay out of other women’s uteruses.