The Pack is Stronger together

Today I will be talking about the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t watched the show yet… well then you are a psychopath and I don’t think we can be friends! Anyways, today I will be focusing on one of my favorite moments from this episode. This finale was everything I could’ve asked for and more. It delivered every bit of information we wanted and needed to set up the final season. Most of the information that was given I had been able to guess the outcome, it was more a matter of seeing it play out that made me excited. However, the fact that Arya and Sansa had actually fooled Littlefinger made it the most satisfying twist for me in the entire episode. The thought that Sansa might actually betray Arya the entire last half of the season had me sick to my stomach. Not that I thought Arya would die… Let’s face it; Arya is way too adept to let that happen. Seeing the Stark sisters give Lord Baelish a dose of his own medicine is what made this scene so iconic. The way Sansa used his own words against him, making him become frantic. Acted out perfectly Aidan Gillen you see him look around in fear trying to muster the right words that can set him free of the trap he put himself in. Then in glorious fashion Arya uses his own knife to slice his throat, as if to cut the cord that all his lies hang onto. So as Kaitlyn Tiffany said “I don’t know if we’re meant to interpret all those frustrating arguments between Arya and Sansa as fake, orchestrated solely for the purpose of tricking Littlefinger, but I don’t care.”

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