The Wall O Books Project was started on Children’s Day — 14th November 2014. We work with vulnerable children across India to help them build a magical library of their own using just a wall.

To build a Wall O Books, we partner and collaborate with institutions already working with vulnerable children in the city. They nominate teachers to participate who undergo a Teacher’s Training Workshop conducted by us. After the workshop is complete we hand over a 30 kg Wall O Books Starter Kit to the teachers, which has everything required to build a Wall O Books center. The teachers then go back to their respective school and build the library together with the children.

It takes 2 days to build a Wall O Books library. The children do it completely on their own with our support and that of their teacher.

For each of the 100 children covered by a Wall O Books Center, the books they receive are often their first view of the world outside. Our children are growing up in a narrow world. A book can open up this window that these kids so badly need. In spite of everything that can go wrong around them, a book can transcend all that protect them and help them grow.

Heres the 10 Step DIY GUIDE as promised. We hope you enjoy it :)

We are currently looking for Fellows who want to set up libraries in their own cities for vulnerable children.

To know more about application details send a mail to