The Correctors!

Is there any difference between correction and condemnation? I like to believe so. Unfortunately, it seems we live in an era where everyone wants to be correct but no one wants to be corrected. We are quick to judge and condemn but extremely slow when it comes to correction. I think the line has been blurred.

Has it occurred to us that we tend to do more harm than good when we judge and condemn first, before we sometimes consider giving corrections? We tend to push away those we are trying to correct by condemning them. Then again, may be I am wrong. Sanctimonious much? May be we are saints and others are… We condemn what we think needs correction, then we try to correct with more condemnation. Great job, right?

Aren’t we all flawed? Yes, because we might be flawed, doesn’t mean we should flow with our flaws. The reality is, people do things for different reasons; some criticize because they sincerely want to correct and others solely for the love of mischief. While others don’t really know how to but they want to. It will be wise if we can evaluate our manner of making corrections. Who are we to condemn others? Do we even have the right to condemn others? Are we really out to correct or to judge/condemn? If our aim is to correct, then we should desist from judging/condemning those found wanting. Dear Correctors, we can correct without having to judge/condemn, or so I think. We should also evaluate ourselves and our ways, always. 😊

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