The 5 Personalities of a University Student During Exam Season.

1: The Keener (3–4 Days Until First Exam)

Ah yes, the keener phase. You have every pencil sharpened, pens organized by colour, and depending on your financial funds available you have a special scribbler with high quality paper to take down notes and complete all of your practice problems. You can spot a keener because their is little urgency in their facial expression, and they seem happy to spend all day in the library with their closest friends working away on learning the entire semester!

If you find yourself in the keener phase ride that wave as long as you can, because its all downhill from there… :)

2: The Grinder (Just Wrote Your First Exam)

you did it, you successfully (hopefully) completed and past a university course and you know what you’re not done their. You are going to ride this positivity train right back to the library and get started on the next one! Feeling confident you treat yourself to a little bit of TLC and watch a Netflix series while you study! After 10 pages of your textbook and 3 episodes later you decide to treat yourself after all the hard work you did on your last exam! You can spot a grinder by their swagger, as the feel they have a lot of it! Confident, charming, and glowing, these people are on a high…but like everything all good things come to an end.

3: The psychopath (you don’t even know anymore)

After quickly realizing your next exam is in 24 hours your feeling of godlike ability is gone and to add to your anxiety you realize you have 2 exams tomorrow not 1 AND you only get a day and a half to get ready for your last exam! at this point you are right in the thick of things, up the river without a paddle, and you can feel the walls closing in around you. Obviously the rational decision is to skip every meal except for supper, and fill you belly with whatever form of caffeine you can get your hands on. To make matters worse the pretty picture of the keener is all but a memory as all of campus is in turmoil. Relationships are on the rocks, laundry is dirty, kitchens are a mess and emotions are running high.


To spot out a pshycopath keep an eye out for baggy eyes, stained sweatpants, and messy hair. Your are expendable to them and they will destroy you if you take their favourite table at the library. They are extremely dangerous and should be left alone if you cross paths.

4: The Hippy (You don’t give a F***)

Maybe you passed your last exam, maybe you failed. You have accepted that there isn’t anything you can do to properly prepare for an exam covering 20 chapters and you’re okay with it. You once would settle for nothing below an 80, but now, you’re going for the D-egree.

5: The Sailor Jerry (Finished.. time to party)

WOW you made it! You no longer care about anything; not your grades, not your bank account, not your messy room or the fact that you lost 10% of your hair through that stressful period. Now it’s time to celebrate accordingly, CHEERS!

About the Author

I am a 5th year business student (currently in the Keener stage) and this is my first attempt at writing anything in a very long time! if you take the time to read it take the time to comment!