How to effectively network without talking to anyone

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No doubt when you saw the word ‘networking’ you also had a lot of connotations that went along with it. It has become synonymous with people meeting people above them in some way with the aim of improving their situation or getting something for themselves. Now please take this as a personal opinion from an introvert but this is always the view I have had of ‘networking’ and was only strengthened by my forray into MLM many years ago. But at the same time those who do network effectively can undeniably greatly increase their position and influence.

So then where does this leave us, either networking or not? I would like to propose a middle ground that I have recently discovered. When we started the Work Smart Show brand; podcast, radio show, site and blog, I started getting to know people on Twitter. This was to see what other people in our industry and niches were doing, what we could imitate, update or improve on. Whenever I found a blog, podcast, site or tool that I thought was valuable I would share this with my own followers. Every time I did this I found that the creators, artists or authors would like my comment or message me with thanks. Over time several of these relationships have grown closer, with the creators offering advice and help with a variety of things. Now these are people that I never would have walked up to in a meeting or conference but have ended up accidentally ‘networking’ with.

I propose that we act as good ‘social media citizens’ and let the relationships and networking fall out of this. This offers many advantages such as actually knowing the person you are talking with, a mutual trust and showing that you are humble and honest enough to promote their work and not just yourself.

I challenge you to try and approach people in this way, offer them honest support and encouragement, when and only if they deserve it. Honesty and humility need to form the basis of any interaction with others and the need for this is intensified in the social media world.

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