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Negotiate to win - Patrick Collins

Review in three words: Unsettling, Hilarious and Eye-opening

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Apr 17, 2017 · 2 min read

Now those three words may have made it sound as if I was describing a new Hollywood historical thriller and definitely not a book on negotiation. I have no idea why I picked this book up but the cover must have caught my attention and I am shameless about judging books by their cover. The premise was easy to understand and engage with; every opportunity dealing with people is an opportunity for negotiation. It was also quick to distance 'negotiation' from the pictures in my head off people yelling at store staff or dropping heated and unnecessary comments. There was a clear path laid out for negotiating on different levels, from board rooms to performance appraisals to hardware stores. I was however UNSETTLED due to the way that the author suggests negotiating at almost every opportunity. Using this skill like a muscle, strengthening it where possible. I don't disagree with his comments or advice but think that through. Next time you are at a hotel, hardware store, meeting with your boss. Let me also say that it was clear that be negotiation should be approached logically and with regard for the relationship afterward. There is no point in successfully gaining a raise only to find that your manager resents you for being so forthright or difficult. Next the tactics and breakdown of common people within a meeting or negotiation room were HILARIOUS! Reading through the list it was hard not to recognize people and, shudder, myself. The bully, bluffer, smiling cobra and mad bomber should be instantly recognizable to any one who has ever talked to another human being. More importantly​ the was clear direction in the form of what this person actually wanted or needed. Was their point worth considering or did they just feel they needed​ to be heard? Was someone's restating a previous issue forgetfulness, an attempt to stall or confuse you?
All in all I found the book completely EYE-OPENING in that there was so many opportunities for negotiation. Since then I take an interest in negotiating, where practical and helpful, and my wife used these techniques when shopping for a new cell phone. She managed to drop the total price of the phone, monthly payments and increase the data in the plans. All this with no arm bending. No rudeness. Just effectively​ stating what it would take to earn our business and being prepared to walk away. Needless to say her friend was shocked. However she went into the shop later that day, talked to the same sales assistant and got her to match my wife's price.
This is a must read if only for the change in mindset or enjoyment of the read.

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