The last straw to healthy living

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Anyone spending any amount of time listening to the current thought leaders within the business, entrepreneur and especially self-improvement space you will inevitably be confronted by the issue of personal health and fitness. Not surprising really as the people who have reached the peak of their respective industries require intense concentration and resolve which are also the main factors driving personal health and fitness.

Now I am writing this as a 25 year old who has, until several months ago, neglected any form of exercise or restraint with eating or drinking. Of course we all know the expectations and reality of a healthy life and body but knowing and doing are two very different things. So it was that after months of hearing Gary Vee talking about how happy he was to have lost weight and reclaimed his health and stories like this from every person that I admired that the time came to admit defeat.

Admittedly this also came after a visit to the dentist when he took one look and simply stated “so you drink energy drinks, huh.” Compound this with the pain of the following dental work and surgery on my wallet the case was building for health. My wife has always been very health conscious and given my family history was justified in asking that I look after myself as to not leave her an early widow. However it is one thing to have the healthy option offered and another to actually take it.

So it was that several months ago I started simple steps such as only drinking water and cutting the 5-7 coffees and energy drinks per day. This had two effects; firstly the splitting head and stomach aches for a few weeks but I also realised that I never drank water. This one change really made a huge difference on everything, my exhaustion levels, mental capability and I believe my personal mental health.

Now I have never been anywhere near overweight so please don't think if you are a healthy weight that this is not for you. Just because you are not obviously, outwardly unhealthy doesn't mean you are exempt. The problem also comes as people rush about drinking coffee and energy drinks as we are so busy. We seem to be required to consume these just to prove we are indeed working hard to ourselves and others.

Since I started exploring the business, entrepreneur and self-improvement spaces I knew in the back of my head that I would have to address this one day but wanted to keep that day as far off as possible. But realistically if we admire and model ourselves on successful people it is hard to find a person that is solely financially successful. They are almost always applying the same level of passion and self-control across the board and its time we did the same.