Wisembly, whose interactive software is trying to save you from one dimensional meetings, is one of a cohort of smart French startups that are using Workable. We talked to Johanne Goulet, who manages Wisembly’s hiring to see how they source and recruit for a team that’s increasingly international.

Wisembly is where meetings come alive. For big events it allows members of the audience to ask questions and contribute to the presentation without interrupting it. The presenter can also launch quizzes, ask quick open-ended questions etc. to bring their presentations to life. …

How We Hire

So, we heard that eFounders were using Workable, Slack and a virtual currency to power employee referrals and kickstart their hiring. We were more than a little curious and spoke to eFounders’ Rachel Vanier and Quentin Nikmans, to find out more.

They’re a startup studio which works with entrepreneurs to turn unique ideas into successful companies that can stand on their own feet. A couple of their notable success stories include inbox sharing app Front (Y Combinator S14) and Mention, an online media monitoring product.

As well as doing their own hiring with Workable, eFounders help the companies they’re involved…

The power of paying attention to detail

Natalie Ledbetter leads Shapeways’ talent acquisition efforts in New York. She tells Workable more about Shapeways and her role.

Shapeways is the leading 3D printing marketplace and community, empowering designers to bring amazing products to life. The company was founded in 2007 by Peter Weijmarshausen, our CEO, and is a spin-out of the lifestyle incubator of Royal Philips Electronics in the Netherlands.

His vision was to democratize 3D printing, making it more accessible and affordable for everyone.

The Shapeways business model is unique with several layers: we are a tech and e-commerce company, but ultimately a service provider and a…

What does it mean to hire as a team?

Meet Rotem Israel, she does the people stuff at SumAll and has taken the time to talk about it with us at Workable.

SumAll is a NYC startup specializing in data analytics for all the social media platforms used by SMEs. SumAll integrates with 40+ platforms including Shopify, Paypal, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. SumAll’s goal is to allow our customers to view all of their data in one simple, easy-to-use, visualisation to help them do what they love, better.

Our team is currently 45 people with plans to double in size by middle of next year. I joined SumAll as…


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