Don’t Turn Your Slackbots Off, Make Them More Personal

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If you haven’t heard about Workato’s Workbot for Slack, it’s an intelligent bot that can not only control your notifications but also perform actions within your cloud apps without ever leaving Slack. That means you can add a new ticket to Trello or update a lead in Salesforce simply by telling your bot to do so in Slack (check out the original Product Hunt launch to get a better idea). It’s pretty cool, but there’s always room for improvement.

Our vision at Workato for Workbot has always been to promote agility in an organization by enabling everyone in the company to take actions in real-time that are data driven. What we heard from the 1700+ companies currently using Workbot is that, in addition to team efficiency, they need Workbot to help each person in the company be more efficient individually, by providing information that is relevant to the person along with the ability to act on that information. Ron Miller sums up the issue in his recent TechCrunch article:

“At its core Slack is really a way for teams to communicate and if you’re getting all of the updates for your entire team, the messaging onslaught can quickly become so overwhelming some people have been simply turning the bots off.”

That’s why, with this release, we are dramatically increasing the actions and abilities for individuals interacting with Workbot using Direct Messages. The new and improved Workbot will continuously work on your behalf to get information that is relevant to you, notify you about the things most important to you and orchestrate the automation of routine tasks for you.

The new and improved Workbot allows you to:

  • Get Only Relevant Notifications as Direct Messages
  • Direct Message Workbot to Get and Act on Information that Matters to You
  • Set Up an Automatic Schedule for your Routine Actions
  • Save Time with Proactive Prompts
  • Personalize Workbot to your Style of Work

To learn more about personal Workbot for Slack and how each of these benefits can revolutionize your workday head to the Workato blog, read the TechCrunch article, or check out our press release.

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