Here’s How to Build a Bot With No Code

Chatbots are having a resurgence in a big way, especially with in-office communication tools like Slack and Hipchat. If you are reading this post, then you have most likely seen how Workbot for Slack can make your life easier by providing access to the information you need when and where you want it (if you haven’t seen all the fun you can have with Workbot check out this blog post).

There’s still so much more that bots can do to help you get productive based on your specific situation and workflow, so if you have an idea for something else Workbot can help you with, or you feel like what Workbot is doing now is ‘almost’ what you want, we’ve got some good news. You can combine the power of the Workato platform and the intelligence of Workbot to customize and essentially build your very own bot — all without any code!

When looking to customize commands and build your own bot, there are a few planning steps that are recommended. Here’s our guide to building a useful personal bot:

I. Brainstorm

Just like when you are planning out new features in the software applications you use or new processes to complete tasks, building a bot also takes planning. You need to consider the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Check out some common questions you should ask yourself about your bot on our blog. Did you name your bot yet? Go on, give your bot a personality!

II. Power of the Community

Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to? Workato has over 100,000 public recipes** developed by a strong community of recipe builders who share the recipes they create with the community so you do not need to start from scratch. Now that you have brainstormed what it is you want from your Workbot, put on your explorer hat and start searching for existing Workbot and Workato Platform recipes here (tip: trying using search terms like “Workbot” or an application name, like Marketo, that you’d like to build the commands for). These recipes can not only give you inspiration for how you might tackle designing your recipe steps, but you may also find a recipe that gets you 90% of the way towards what you want to do.

**At Workato we call our integrations recipes, because much like a recipe you use for cooking, our integrations are a list of instructions that Workato follows based on a trigger. Instead of food, our ingredients are cloud applications and actions you can complete in and between them.

III. Education Time

Workato’s platform is the driving force that gives you the power to make complex actions happen without any code.

Read the full guide to building your bot on the Workato blog >

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