This New Product Means You Can Do Work Without Ever Leaving Slack

Have you ever wished you could close a Zendesk ticket or update a Salesforce profile without manually logging into each app, finding the correct profile, and updating the proper information every time? Well cloud app users of the world, today is your lucky day.

Just this morning we here at Workato launched the first chat bot on the market that lets you complete work across your cloud apps without ever leaving the Slack console! Workato’s Workbot for Slack effectively shifts Slack from being a listening platform to a doing platform. Not only can you can actually complete work within the chat box, but you can also filter out spam messages you get from your apps based on specific parameters you set.

Workbot for Slack even understands the chat context and makes recommendations to help your workflow go more smoothly than ever before!

Get Workbot For Slack >

Or learn more about Workbot for Slack on Our Blog, TechCrunch and Constellation Research.

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