Backpack-a-thon with the University of Mobile

Today, WTFC conducted a regular backpack-a-thon in Woodruff Park, but this time, with a slight twist. We partnered with the Student Life organization at the University of Mobile in Alabama to help organize an Immersion program to see urban homelessness.

After volunteering at a food pantry in the morning, fifteen students were led by five WTFC members, Nitish Sood, Aditya Sood, Rohan Raina, Neel Raina, and Arnav Goyal, to conduct the backpack-a-thon. Three hours later, we had successfully distributed 20 backpacks to and talked with the many of the homeless at Woodruff Park. Additionally, these students brought with them 6 trash-bags filled with bread for the homeless, which we put to great use in distributing some during the backpack-a-thon and donating the majority to the Atlanta City Baptist Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter nearby.

Group Shot with University of Mobile students! Missing: Nitish (cameraman)