Big Recess at Rainbow Village

WTFC has had a great impact on the kids at Rainbow Village so far and we couldn’t wait to continue lighting up the children’s faces there!

On the drive to Duluth, I explained to our members what exactly we did at these events, and they were elated to hear that we would get to play with the kids there. Having to stay in a transitional home, it was clear that all the kids there have rough backgrounds in terms of housing and/or their parents’ work.

As soon as we started playing with them, all of that melted away. All that mattered was that we were putting together puzzles, playing catch, seeing how high we could build a tower, etc. Speaking of forming bonds, one member, Prerna, put a toddler on her lap who didn’t want to budge when it was time for us to go! In the two hours we spent at Rainbow Village, we connected with each and every kid we interacted with by playing with and talking to them; nothing more.

It was great to see how such small actions on our part translated to the exhilaration of the children at the center. We await our next event at Rainbow Village in eager anticipation!