Posts for Peace and Justice

Posts For Peace and Justice was our biggest event yet, with prior preparation that closely matched the time spent during the first day of the event itself!

Posts For Peace and Justice is a nonprofit organization that constructs themed pillars (8 feet tall) decorated with thought-provoking quotes and striking images in order to spread awareness of various social issues, and ultimately instill action. Some of the preparation for this event involved getting sponsorships to provide us breakfast and lunch, which we eventually got from Dunkin Donuts and Marco’s Pizza after contacting over a dozen different places.

We were very lucky to get permission to use our very own school theater during the summer for the event! Ms. Lisa and Ms. Kira of Posts For Peace and Justice were extremely generous in dedicating their time to come all the way to our school and conduct a workshop for us to construct two beautiful posts centered on homelessness. At 8:00am sharp on June 22, we began our work.

Before we could decorate the post, we had to compile the quotes and images we wanted to use for the post. Some of our quotes were: “Keep your coins, we want CHANGE,” and “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

After planning the layout of the post, all of us enthusiastically got to working on the post. Some of the images we have include the Golden Gate Bridge, which represents San Francisco, the city in the US with the largest homeless population.

In the water under the bridge, there is a man ‘drowning’ in poverty, with a hand attempting to pull him out.

We spent ten solid hours at Walton High that day, but we weren’t done. That’s when we decided to extend the event to Saturday (June 25). On Saturday, we drove to downtown Atlanta with two very tall posts (one of which was the one we worked on, and the other was a post made by Posts For Peace and Justice, for us) strapped to the roof of the car! We spent 8 hours that day working on the post and had a fantastic time throughout. Lunch break was interesting, when just two of us were sent on a Subway run to order over twenty sandwiches!

At the end of that day, we were nearly done with the post. Ms. Lisa and Ms. Kira added the final drawings and coats of paint after we left, which we’re extremely grateful for. One post will remain on the Atlanta beltline to be viewed by the many who walk by the posts, and the other will be taken to some of our events to help spread awareness about homelessness; in the bubble we live in, it is very easy to overlook the unfortunate circumstances so many live under. With our WTFC emblem and events beautifully painted on the posts, we’re very excited to broadcast exactly what we do: End Homelessness, one step at a time.

-Walton Chapter