Hey, Mr. Puzder: Workers > Machines

A tale of corporate greed and robots.

This week, the scrutiny over the pro-corporate views of Secretary of Labor nominee Andrew Puzder reminded us of something he told Business Insider last year:

Guy tasked with enforcing laws that protect workers.

It rang very similar to somehting comedian Chris Rock reminded millions of workers a few years ago: your bosses would pay you less if they could.

Thank you, Chris. (Credit: Reddit)

Sadly, corporate CEOs are not satisfied with fighting wage raises, but are actively trying to replace workers with machines. The next logical step for big bosses tired of workers demanding living wages, stability, and respect for their humanity is, of course: machines!

When top decision-makers and industry leaders advocate for a worker-less future, three thoughts immediately jump to mind:

  1. Who’s going to buy your products? Other machines?
  2. How can proponents of trickle-down economics and champions of the “lift yourself up by the bootsraps” mentality defend a rigged system in which corporations are “build[ing] entire business model[s] around squeezing workers” and actively trying to eliminate workers?
  3. And most importantly: workers > machines. Profit maximization is blinding our society to the simple fact that workers –and their humanity– are invaluable assets to any business.

Mr. Andrew Puzder is, unfortunately, not just another CEO of a successful fast food chain, but the nominee to Secretary of Labor. Right now, three out of five workers in the United States are paid by the hour — that’s close to 80 million mothers, neighbors, and friends who will continue to struggle to make ends meet. Worker organizing is going to be more crucial than ever, and it is imperative to push back on attempts to roll-back what we’ve gained in the last few year as well as to keep fighting for pro-worker policies.

^ This is correct (Credit)

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