If you don’t care about your customers, they can always tell.
J. Westenberg 🌈

Absolutely agree — — and I’ll add two more to your list of companies that don’t give a shit — -PayPal and IKEA.

PayPal feels that because they’re the biggest kid on the block that they will chargeback a seller instantaneously without regard to even obtaining all the facts in the case. In our new company — — we moved to Stripe just to avoid PayPal’s constant seller abuse. Personally, I can’t wait in a few years when blockchain puts these assholes out of business. It’s going to be fun to watch — -trust me.

IKEA has zero idea of what customer service is in their locations. Churn does not matter to them — — they have solved the least cost scenario and if you’re not willing to drop your cash the next customer will.

I’ll add a third to the list — LinkedIn — — the once almighty sight has become a wasteland that is resembling Facebook more and more everyday since they refuse to implement community management. Slack groups are going to eat LinkedIn in the next 12–18 months unless they make a decisive chanbe right here and right now,

Great article