How To Create The Financial Story Behind Your Idea so that Investors “Get” It
Jane Hwangbo

Again I sincerely recommend that any company that can bootstrap should do so.

  1. Raising money takes up an enormous amount of time both in prep, trying to book meetings, and going through the process itself . Don’t forget all the other expenses of an agency or a trusted freelancer proofing your deck and the monies spent to an outside financial advisor to double check all the figures.
  2. You’re building this for yourself and your team to make money plain and simple. What’s the chances you’re going to sell it off? Practically zero. What to IPO? play the lottery.
  3. This businessis all about have a key niche market that you can make solid gross margin dollars so that everybody on the team lives really well. You’re not becoming UBER but you can pull down a killer salary.
  4. you avoid the advisory situation as well as the board. No answering to the money men.
  5. Raising money takes a huge amount of time from product development and marketing.

Bootstrap my friends — -you are far better off.

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