OH You Love Muhammad Ali? But You Want Beyonce and Kanye West to Shut-up?

Ali is a champion, West is a narcissist — case closed

I’m not saying West doesn’t have talent — -it how he conducts himself. I’m taking nothing away from how he’s advanced hip hop light years.

I’m a heavy metal/ hard rock bassist/guitarist and we have more than our share of assholes in our camp — — plenty to go around from Axl Rose to Richie Blackmore to Malmsteen. That’s just the beginning of the list,

It’s just that everybody is afraid to call West on his own shit. He’s just not that special of a person to not be called on his bullshit

  1. Walking up on stage in the middle of somebody’s acceptance speech
  2. Tweeting that the needs money for his fashion business
  3. Let’s also remember that the Grammy Awards are a gift from the industry for record sales and nothing else
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