Fuck Productivity: Get Shit Done
Asher Stephenson


I follow in your exact footsteps, I worry about the mission critical stuff and screw everything else. My clothes closet is a mess, my desk look like a bomb went off, and we won’t even talk about the car most days

I listen to fucking heavy metal or free jazz at maximum volume out of my laptop. I don’t need the white noise, Internet blockers, the 25 minute work periods or any of that bulshit. Crank it the fuck up and get the work done

I don’t use Trello, Evernote,Google Calendar or any of that shit.

My business runs on one simple system FieldLens, that’s it. I work in the commerical furniture industry and it does everything we need without the bullshit.

I use a LEGAL PAD that has handwritten notes all over it for 30 years and it works.

And you know what, I get things FINISHED because I’m not spending all day inputting useless data into my laptop or phone.

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