Why Quitting Your Job to Chase Your Dream Is a Terrible Idea
Jeff Goins

Great article

Whatever you’re going to build — you need to become an absolute expert in the field — — you need to know everything and anything and how you product/process will change that vertical markedly that you’re working on. You need to be spot on in every interaction about it It’s how you build trust and confidence in your early clients and eventually investors

I made this mistake earlier in my life. I jumped directly from a well paying VP of Operations position in the residential furniture business to dive into the import/export music business. I loved music more than anything and decided to follow my dream. Two years later I ran out all of my savings and then some trying to do it.

Be smart about this — don’t do it because it’s fun or its a calling. My advice is to start building something in your own vertical that solves a real pain point. You already have the knowledge base and stand a much better success than starting in an industry you know nothing about.

If you still want to chase a new industry — -learn everything and anthing you can about it first and build it out on the side.

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