How Much Did This Guitar Story Cost Me? $2,376.99
Washington Post

Guitars are not done, they are far from done.

I’ve played bass and guitar since I was 16 I’m 57 now.

This is the real problem — all of the majors continue to put out either

A) overpriced product that isn’t worth the price tag


B) stripped down bare featured units with matte finishes and stamped parts

People are holding on to what they have simply because it’s made better.

For example I have a 1992 Ibanez RT240 HSH pickup configuration. That will bury any 3000 Les Paul both in quality and sound. I paid 400 for OT

One of my main axes is a Jackson Dinky Pro Series hardtail I paid 900 new. It will level anything for twice the price. Jackson makes the best necks in the business hands down great fretwork and you can get the strings as low as you want. Try that on on aLes Paul that’s made today you’ll need a fret dress and a setup and pay another 200 to make a 3000 play correctly.

As long as companies like guitar center feature the crap brands of Gibson and Fender on 75 percent of their walls sales will continue to drop

Go try and find a decent Jackson ESP, Schecter, or Charvel product around 1000 to play at GC . Save your time they only feature the low end of these lines to keep the majors numbers up.

None is going to pay for overpriced and poorly made products