Shoppers Browse, Chatbots Don’t: Why Chat Sucks for Shopping
Nicole Gustas

I just don’t see how a chat bot would replace a human interaction that’s needed in certain shopping experiences. What’s the frustration level before the client says “fuck it” and clicks off the site.

Nicole is absolutely correct with her shoe example. I worked for 6 years part time in the Women’s shoe dept at Lord and Taylor yo help put my daughter through college. There is absolutely no way that any woman is going to type in the myriad of questions that need to be answered in order to arrive at the right pair of shoes. I could ask a client 10 to 15 questions easily in order to narrow down what the choices should be.

Women also tend to buy more than one pair at a time. Can you imagine somebody answering 40 questions on line to buy 3 pair of shoes. Ain’t gonna happen my friend.

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