How To Keep Your Open Office From Killing Creativity
Jami Oetting

I’m going to save everybody some tine serious time on the open space debate. My company has been designing open plan spaces for the past 10 years when the tech industry started asking for for it to handle agile sprints.

Some C teams and or Facility Managers do not want to even entertain the idea of a mixed used space (Which we are strong proponents of and present to every potential client) to get past a straight headcount mentality of”how many people can I cram into to the space in order to save costs” Fully 50 to 60% of the firms out there still have this mentally. It’s just gut the floor and load it up with as many 30 x 60 benches as you can possibly fir it. “workplace wellness” means nothing. just body count.

Until these dinosaurs understand the damage that they are doing, solutions outline in this article are fruitless.

I live this discussion 5 days of week. The US has a long way to go to catch up both to Europe and Australia in this regard.

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