New York Real Estate Tech Week Sept 26 to October 7

If your in commercial real estate, A and D, contract furniture, or any related service you need to attend the events at the New York Real Estate Tech Week

There have been huge advances over the past few years in the CRE Tech market many of which are home grown NYC startups — Floored, Reonomy, Hightower, The Square Foot to name just a few.

We are the hotbed of all things CRE Tech related and there are no better events to learn at than these. I can speak from personal experience on it.

CRE Tech will disrupt both the CRE and contact furniture markets greatly over the next few years. The time to learn about it in NOW — -ahead of the curve. Smart people in the industry are already quietly using these tools to close deals both in leasing space and in furniture sales. You my friend, need to take advantage of this situation now and bring value to your end users.

In short, you don’t understand it, you’re going to be out of the loop and losing some major sales.

As always, submissions are always welcome to our publication on any workplace related topic from management to open plan systems

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