How to build a successful company, Part #1
Raad Mobrem

Part 1: Don’t just start a company, solve a problem first!

Tip #1: It’s best to find a problem that you’ve personally felt
Tip #2: Find a problem that affects people on a daily, or weekly basis
Tip #3: Find a problem that can be solved and can scale quickly

Tip # 1 is the most important component everybody needs to focus on when starting out. You are an expert in your field of work — use that to your advantage — it will ring true with investors and clients — -y0u need to know theindustry beyond cold — you need to be a Jedi master

the other two points are equally as important

However I’ve seen more people fail straight out of the box for not properly validating there idea including yours truly who it did once years ago. This is where you need to spend the time and talk to as many and I mean as many people as you can. Build a super low cost MVP in Bubble and take it around with you, get feed back and iterate. Yes, maybe this will take a few months but it will save you a ton of cash and heartbreak in the end.

And I mean everybody you can talk to. I’d make it at least 100 individuals in and around your vertical — spend the time — -do the research — — don’t assume

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