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The drinking age does not matter. Why in fact have one at all? We’re shown and taught from when we’re little this is the thing to do.

To me, it’s really fucking sad you can’t get a group of adults together after 5 with booze or they can’t relate to one another.

Liquor also does its part to keep,the poor on this country down and in their place.

But remember, you’re doing the right thing by being fucked up out of your mind all weekend. You earned it you damn well deserve it its your fucking middle class American right god damn it. So why even legislate it with an arbitrary age as the circle will never be broken.

Or you can chose to rise up over this crap and have a better life for it. Drink all you want tap a keg with the kids have a great time I don’t give a shit.

Just don’t ask me to join you I got better things to do tha waste my time drinkinf

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