Kickstarter: Crowdfunding Portal, or Pre-Order Store?
Chris Shuptrine

The products or ideas that make it on Kickstarter for the most part are the ones that would lend themselves to a pre-order.

And I tell you what — -why the hell not — -let the end users finance the 1st round of inventory — — it quick — -30 days — no fundraising campaigns, friends and family etc. Build out your 1st run and let the profits pay for the following.

Platforms change as we all know same thing happened with EBAY People got with the program and used it to earn a living the same thing is going to happen here.

Kickstarter has finally found it’s niche in promoting new consumer goods. It better for them — more projects funded equals more revenue people will only by a tangible product on Kickstarter you can forget trying to raise any amount of software development money — -not going to happen

I wish you well in journey and hope that you raise and move forward.