The 10 Commandments for the Next Generation of Content
Mike Sturm

Very well done.

We’ve had the problem grow exponentially over the past few years with people being told to believe that they need to keep pushing out content on a daily basis. Let’s face the fact that not even superstar writers can put it out every day. The floodgates have opened wide with no end in sight. We also have people like HubSpot that keep the retread issues going like Listicles because anybody can write one.

If you think Medium gets bad, just take a gander at LinkedIn Pulse with all of the garbage floating on that site on a daily basis.

People also need to sorely realize that you can make your articles about selling every feature and benefit of your company — -it turns people right off.

Want to see how to mention your company in a post then head over to Buffers blog and see how they do it