Introducing configurable work steps

Adapt Workstreams to your workflow

When we introduced steps into Workstreams, we had a very simple Kanban workflow in mind, with a focus on reviewing tasks. The reason might be, that this is how the team uses Workstreams.

But thanks to your feedback, we realized that Workstreams is also very useful for other use cases. You might need other steps or you want more or fewer steps.

Use case: recruiting

One scenario we encountered was to use Workstreams for a recruiting workflow. You might already have a Slack channel where you communicate and collect information about candidates.

Combining communication with task management

With Workstreams, you can record the current state of candidates at the same place where your communication happens. At the same time, you can also get an overview of all candidates.

Overview with the board

Other possible use cases:

  • coordinate the availability of assets
  • have an additional step for blocked tasks
  • simple workflow for sales leads
  • fact check and proofreading workflow for editors

How to configure

You can now configure work steps for each channel. Use the configuration button in the related channel header.

Use the gear to open the configuration

This will open the configuration dialog where you can rename, add or remove steps. Note that there is currently a limit of five steps. Make sure to have no tasks in a step you want to delete, or you will not be able to.

Define up to five steps in order

Expand columns

Use your screen space

We thought long about how to present these custom steps. For small displays, showing them as separate columns would need too much screen space for many steps. But having them stacked does not use the space of big screens. So we decided to give you the choice and let you switch between a horizontal and vertical setup as needed.

Expand button

Note that to keep things simple, new boards only have one default step, thus simplifying the board to three statuses. In that case, you won’t see the expand button either (as there is nothing to expand).

That was a short introduction to customizable steps. Try now at and let us know how it works for your use case. Write to , use the link in our webapp or the feedback button of our bot. We will have more articles about other features soon.