Introducing My Tasks!

Take command of your tasks across taskboards

At the core of Workstreams, and how we develop it, is the notion that successful collaboration is the product of effective communication. By having the both tightly integrated, teams are more focused, more efficient and happier! They align faster, iterate on ideas quicker and execute at pace when everyone is on board, informed and has a vested interest in the successful completion of tasks!

Teams, however, are comprised of people, and each team member has tasks spread out across channels, across projects and company departments. Our Kanban board excels at providing laser focus on a particular project in a particular channel. There was a glaring need for our users, to provide a single point of reference, a single place where users can find all their tasks spread between channels and projects. This is what My Tasks are for.

Let’s go through the features together.

A prominent place in our new navigation

Your own tasks deserve first-class citizen place within the application. You can access “My Tasks” right from the sidebar, conveniently placed under the team picker. Always available, any time you need to jump in and check where your focus is supposed to be!

Overview of the layout

Once you access the “My Tasks” section there is a lot of stuff happening! Everything is streamlined, logical and intuitive! You are presented with a list on the left-hand side of the screen populated with all tasks assigned to you across different channels and projects in your team. The list is sorted by what we consider is most important to you right now, and what deserves your attention and focus today.

Each listing offers immediate information about the task details, the channel where it is, what’s its current status, does it have a due date or a label. All this is available without even interacting with the list. We want you to have an instant overview of what your tasks are and how far along are you towards completing them.

On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll notice a cute little placeholder urging you to select one of the tasks on your list. We use this space to show you an expanded, focused look containing the full task details and a convenient link that opens the relevant discussion thread in Slack!

You can immediately edit any task straight from “My Tasks”, being it either from the listed view or the focused view. All changes are of course reflected in the Kanban and in Slack.

How are My Tasks sorted?

What we wanted to do with “My Tasks” is to provide our users with a straightforward answer to a simple question, “What should I do next?”. By grabbing all tasks that are assigned to you across channels, prioritising them in a manner that is relevant and makes sense to you became the focal point of our effort. What we ultimately landed on is sorting the tasks in the list based on the following criteria:

  • If there is a due date set to the tasks & what is the actual date;
  • the update on the status of the task;
  • How far from completion the task is.

Our algorithm takes all these variables into consideration and based on them shows a list of priorities that matter right now & you should be focusing on. Prioritisation is key and successful teams & team members always work towards priorities.

Do let us know if we are achieving that, we are always happy to receive your feedback.

This is the first iteration of the sorting within My Tasks, keep your eyes open for future improvement and more functionality!