Introducing our new navigation!

Navigate Workstreams with ease

Navigating your Workstreams task boards just became a whole lot easier! Switch seamlessly between your workspaces, browse your channels and act on your tasks & goals. The new navigation is divided into several sections that give you granular control on what is visible in Workstreams and enables you to be focused and efficient. It is easily collapsible when you are using a smaller screen and is as useful on your mobile device as it’s on your laptop.

The motivation behind the redesign of the navigation was to provide our users with easy & intuitive access to all of Workstreams in a single place and at the same time make it scalable. We found our previous solution getting increasingly unwieldy as we added more features. The redesign remedies this and makes it easy to add new features and components as they come.

Let’s go deeper.


Teamwork is where people are the most productive. Teamwork is at the core of Workstreams. Collaborating, brainstorming & bouncing ideas, getting feedback and executing iteratively is what Workstreams is all about. We have made it easier than ever to switch between your different Slack workspaces and add additional ones if you have the need. Just click on the “Teams” label to select your team!

Team activity snapshot

When a team is selected, you see a nifty snapshot with an instant overview of your team’s activity. Anytime you are interested in how your team is doing, the activity snapshot gives you the following information: the number of tasks currently in progress, planned or completed, how many tasks have passed their due date and require attention, what is the most popular label and more! The idea is to give everybody an overview of how the team is performing, what is the overall output and so on. Give it a go and let us know what you think.

My Tasks

Our brand new addition to Workstreams! We do hope you like it and find it useful! We have given My Tasks a prominent place in the new navigation, so you can have instant access to your tasks that require immediate attention. Your work and your priorities deserve a prominent place in Workstreams. You shouldn’t ever be more than a click away from what matters now, and by including My Tasks in the navigation, we have done just that.

Keep an eye on your Goals!

We are excited to introduce a feature we have been hard at work for! Still in beta, so please be gentle :) In your new sidebar, you will now see a section dedicated to your team’s Goals. If you’re familiar with Workstreams and our concept of Goals, you will enjoy the hell out our revamp! We have given extra love & attention to the Goals, the way they are presented, sorted and how they interact with your taskboards. Give it a spin and let us know how you like it and what we can improve!


The new home for your Taskboards. We have arranged all your channels that Workstreams is a part of in alphabetical order, in the same way they appear in Slack. Jumping from one channel to another, or having a combined view on multiple channels is as easy as ever. The visible taskboards are highlighted in the list. Just be careful not to over-use this feature :) Focus is key!

Upgrade to PRO

The full potential of Workstreams is unleashed with our PRO set of features. Assigning due dates to tasks, getting informative burndown and cumulative flow chart, guest board access are some of the cool features you gain access to by upgrading! We have conveniently placed an upgrade button in the navigation sidebar.

Questions? Need a hand? Contact us!

When refreshing the navigation of Workstreams, we made sure to provide you, our users, with instant access to the support section and to give you a chance to provide immediate feedback. We are building Workstreams for modern teams like yours, add we are always happy to hear back.

Support and Feedback

If you need a hand navigating Workstreams, both in Slack or on the task board, you can conveniently access our support section by clicking the Support link in the navigation sidebar. Also, sending us feedback has never been easier, right in the web app!