Pro tip: downsize self-focus


An easy way to connect with others and boost credibility is to reduce your self-orientation. In today’s ‘Hey, look at me!’ environment, simply directing attention away from yourself to the other person can make you distinctive.

Many accomplished professionals struggle to connect with colleagues and clients because they are too focused on themselves and their own concerns. This makes it difficult to build trust and establish credibility.

The solution is to talk less about yourself and show more interest in the other person. This builds rapport and trust. And you will notice details you might have missed before, because now you are listening more carefully. Remember: we learn when we listen, not when we speak.

Here are four tips to help reduce self-focus and boost your credibility:

· Talk less. Dial back your ‘airtime’ and talk less about yourself.

· Listen more. Once you’ve reduced your airtime, dedicate that ‘space’ to listening.

· Listen better. Confirm your understanding. Use their terminology. Show genuine interest. Notice non-verbal signals. And commit yourself to listening well, without multi-tasking.

· Ask intelligent questions. Good questions signal interest and engagement and can generate important information and insights.

Click on the video link below to learn more about connecting with clients and colleagues by reducing your self-focus.

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