WorldBrain — Vision, Values & Roadmap
Feb 1, 2018 · 18 min read

Table of Content

1. Context

1. Sustainably countering online misinformation and polarisation at scale?



2. How and who will produce the enormous amount of data necessary to do that?

The Challenge?

2. MEMEX — Your digital brain extension.

Annotate, Power-Search and Share your Web-Research

The Problem?

What do they have in common?

The tools we use are disconnected from each other and don’t leverage the power of our brains: Thinking in Context.

How does that affect my workflows today?

Don’t you want that time back to spend on things that matter?

Introducing Memex

Organising information with the power of your brain.

Core Feature:


3. WorldBrain’s Vision

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” — Isaac Newton

STEP 1: Share your Truth

Examples of metrics that are captured

STEP 2: Building on other people’s web-research

a) Quality Ratings, Background Information & Comments

b) Social Search

c) Breaking out of your Filter Bubble.

4. How we make money

Stage 1: Memex Cloud:

If you can run a server, and your users trust you with their data, you have a business model with Memex Cloud.

Stage 2: Memex Enterprise Cloud

Stage 3: Micropayments

5. Product Design Values

Your Data Ownership & Privacy = Priority

Interoperability is key for the collaborative world (and our future)

Hyper-Customization & Control

Openness by Design

Our business model does not depend on storing and analysing your data. You own your data.


6. Besides the Technology: Education

7. How we raise money

Our Values to running our company and taking investments

Our Approach

8. Contributing to WorldBrain

Support we need

What we can give

Resources to get started

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Building open-source & privacy focussed software for a well-informed and less polarised global society.

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