Go Innovative in the Bathroom: 3 Water-Saving Shower Heads You Must See

Over the past decade, bathroom trends have been getting more and more tech-focused. From gesture technology to audio systems, bathrooms have been undergoing radical changes making them smarter, cleaner and “greener”.

A Study suggests that an average American uses around 150 litres of water per day in the shower — which amounts to 4,5 trillion gallons of water only in the U.S. each year. That’s why water-efficient shower appliances have always been the main focus and many brands have been developing eco-friendly bathroom solutions.

Since eco-friendliness became a necessity, we’ve gathered our 3 favourite innovative shower heads you can utilize.

  1. KorDi UltraSlim

KorDi’s new UltraSlim shower head is here to give you a tropical rainstorm sensation. UltraSlim’s power stems from its 126 jets in silicon anti-limestone, with balljoint, 300 mm.

KorDi is indeed a genuine work of art sanitary stainless steel. Elegant and surprisingly thin — only 2 millimeters thick — which creates the effect of water pouring out of the air.

The “pouring” effect helps you to save water, while not giving up on design and luxury.

2) Aqua Elite False Ceiling

False ceiling shower head, by Aqua Elite, is a piece of Italian art. This innovative shower head comes with three jets: rainfall, double cascade, mist spray — which allow you to choose between your water saving options.

False ceiling works with a low voltage transformer and a motion sensor light switch. That’s how false ceiling improves your energy saving efforts at the same time.

Aqua Elite’s elegant shower head would look beautiful in any given bathroom setting

3) WasserKRAFT’s A14401

WasserKRAFT successfully meets German engineering with comfort. The company’s amazing A14401 model showers come with a diverter for switching water to shower head / hand shower — which are both quite strong when it comes to water saving.

WasserKRAFT A14401’s 3-spray hand shower has an anti-lime system, with a warranty of 5 years.

WasserKRAFT’s all shower systems are easily fastened to the wall with a help of two fastening elements and can be connected to any bath mixer by 600 mm shower hose with connecting thread G1/2.