U.S. Political Transfer of Power

by George X

Every two to four years, Americans get to vote their consciousness. According to Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, today’s political climate is being threatened by a rigging of the voting system.

The threat must be real since Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on August 4, 2106, his department is considering classifying electronic polling stations across the country (USA) as ‘critical infrustructures,’ entitling them to the same level of cyber-pretection as the nation’s power grid and financial sector.

America’s power grid, the financial sector, and now electronic polling stations are being watched by the Department of Homeland Security. This is major. The threat of terror on America’s soil is being targeted on three critical planks that make up America’s social construct or America’s democratic power base.

Donald Trump sets himself up to lose under a cloud of doubt. He plants seeds in his followers to believe the election process is a scam; which leans towards those candidates who are backed by bankers’ and multinational corporations. Trump supporters are already calling for revolution and revolt if their man loses in November — 2016.

The political transfer of power is now weakened. Millions now suspect the election process. Political leaders are facing harsh reactions from local activists and movement groups. Americans may soon experience social unrest; one that may lead to civil war.

The cyber-threat to the election voting process may halt the 2016 election. If this happens, political power will be transferred to a Shadow Government; a power complex that rests with the Military Industrial Complex.

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