Orange (Hashimoto, 2015)

What can you say about a film that can hold so much meaning to every member of the audience, it’s not that often you get to find a film such as this I was emotionally moved by the friendship that the 6 friends shared, the idea that you would be able to change the past and protect the people you love and care about is something every human being feels some point in their life.

The film follows the theme of regret where the 5 friends try to save Kakeru Naruse (Kento Yamazaki) after receiving a letter from their future self about him taking his own life after a year of joining the group. The five friends try to work together to make him smile, have a good day, and speak his mind in hope of making him rethink about his future decision. This kind of care that was portrayed in the film reminded me as a member of the audience of my own friends that help me and protect me throughout my day to day life.

Friendship was the main point of this film but the director also made me think about what I would do if time travel was possible, what I would change about my life or someone I care about. The film makes the spectators appreciate the friends that you care about and also in the final scene where Kakeru decides not to take his life because he realised that he has friends around him that love him and cares about him is a satisfying ending.

Overall the film was lovely, I can see why this film earned 28.2 million dollars at the box office. The story line was realistic in the emotional and friendship basis where you would do anything for your friends and the people you love, it deals with real life events that take place around the world every day; suicide, family problems, fear of being alone, not having someone to talk to and not wanting to bother your friends with your problems. By the end of the film, it seems as if the director is trying to say ‘it’s okay, you’re going to be okay, and you have your friends that will help you along the way’.