The Third Way off Love (H. LEE, 2015)

I personally wanted to see this film for a while due to the chemistry that was portrayed in the trailer between the two actors. Now that I have watched it, I am neither moved nor entertained by the film. Sure the leading actor (Song Seung-Heon) and his leading lady (Yifei Liu) performed incredibly well, but the story line was somewhat expected. What do you expect if you were to have a relationship with the same man who you sister is obsessed with? The possibility of the couple having a happy ending was about 10% which can be proved by the blind date that the younger sister was set up on, it was as if the director was teasing the possibility the sister would forget the man she nearly sacrificed her life for. 
Cinematography wise I have to give it to J.H. Lee it was somewhat a fairy tale like shots as well as canvas styled romantic imagery that me as a spectator can’t help but appreciate, the montage where the main characters romantic relationship is growing, was one of the highlights throughout the whole film when it comes to cinematography.

One other pro for this film would be the setting, the locations hold their own story that represents the couple and where their relationship stands. Overall the film was good I guess I mean it did earn an 11.27 million dollars at the box office, so it must be just me that feels that there was no emotion behind the story.