In The Presence of Our Heart

Gratitude opens the door to divine consciousness

Many people wonder… ‘where does my attention actually belong? What is my totally natural and effortless state of consciousness?’

Many people desire a state of ‘no-mind’, of being in a space of “no-thing-ness”, with no focus of attention, just a state of spacious beingness, aware of its own being. But this is not complete without the experience of Love and gratitude. Our heart naturally draws our attention back to where it belongs, through an appreciation of the divine benevolence which is evident all around us on this beautiful planet.

Life is a gift, and we are built for gratitude. Gratitude brings us into a state of union with the all-pervading, conscious and loving energy of creation, which some people call the ‘Creator’, some call ‘God’. But names truly do not matter, because in that space of deep gratitude for life, Love is the reality which predominates our consciousness. Ideas, beliefs and thoughts are not needed to experience this reality of Love. But a humble mind and an appreciative heart are essential.

Many of us often feel that life is grinding us down, frustrating our attempts for happiness and fulfilment, but what is truly happening is that life is bringing us to this space of humility and appreciation, so we can experience the deepest fulfilment and the deepest happiness, in the light of a loving and conscious relationship with that which is the source of life itself. We cannot know it mentally, but we most certainly can feel it in our heart, and perceive its presence as the orchestrator of all that we need to experience, in order to bring us into a conscious relationship with its deeply loving and benevolent intelligence, which is always with us.