Top Reasons to Avoid Bhagsu in Dharamsala, if you’re not a drug tourist.

#1. Drugs Haven:
There have been multiple drug busts at cafes here. Young Indian men befriend travlers in hopes of selling drugs.

#2. Unsafe for women:
The cafes entertain patrons high on drugs and alcohol, who regularly grope and misbehave with women.

#3. It's Over Crowded:
This used to be a quaint peaceful village like it's cousin Dharamkot on the other side of the valley. But in the past years, rampant construction has destroyed the peace and quiet.

#4. Shady Indians:
With the reputation of having foreign travellers, hoards of rowdy Indian men arrive here regularly to find and harass foreigners, especially female travellers. Some of these shady Indian young men, find jobs at cafes and decide to stay.

#5. Places to Avoid:
Welcome Café and Once in Nature, are the top places to avoid. Don’t be shocked if the place gets raided by the Police, and you get checked, or worse.

#6. Thefts and Fights:
Belongings are often stolen from cafes here. Not to mention aggressive (drunk/high) locals often try and pick a fight with men accompanying women.

Bhagsu is the dark child of this beautiful Kangra valley in the Indian Himalayas.

When you come to Dharamshala, stay in McLeodganj, which is the seat of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. But, beware it can get super crowded over the weekends or when he is giving a public teaching.
The most beautiful place to stay is in fact Dharamkot, this beautiful little village sits a 15min walk above McLeodganj. It has two amazing mediation centers, Vippasana and Tushita. Apart from these there are a host of healing centers and yoga schools. Great cafés and it’s right in the Triund trail. 
The people and families here are soft and welcoming, truly hospitable, a far cry from the goons of Bhagsu.

Happy Traveling!!

~ World Travel Network