Why it’s good to have WeTokens in your wallet

So we are getting listed on IDAX tomorrow. Also, we are in contact with other major exchanges that are ready to list WeTokens as soon as we’re ready. Here are some facts explaining our further steps and the World Wi-Fi internal currency prospects.

1. WeTokens will be open for WT/BTC and WT/ETH trading on IDAX at 15:00 on July 12. The exchange belongs to the owners of Huobi Hadax and is top 30 by daily trade volume which is around $30-$50 mln dollars.

We’ve also received several offers from top 10 exchanges that are ready to list us at a reasonable cost after we release our product. That’s why we decided to switch our focus to the platform, the launch of which is scheduled for July 16.

2. We already have advertisers that expressed their interest in cooperating with us which implies usage of our tokens within the platform. We also have established strategic partnerships with international telecom operators and router manufacturers (Mikrotik, Asus, Keenetic, TP-Link, D-link). And we are in talks with DMM and other big names. The whole list of our partners will be revealed soon.

3. After we hold a required daily trading volume on IDAX, we’ll be live on CoinMArketCap. It is the biggest go-to platform for cryptocurrency trading and exchange information. Remarkably, the site is now ranked higher than the likes of the Wall Street Journal.

Summing up the above, we suggest you not to dump WeTokens as soon as they are available for trading and do not make any rash decisions. It would be reasonable to wait for the price to at least stabilise.

World Wi-Fi is a very promising project with a bright future. Continue the journey of building a global network with us!

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