World Wi-Fi — a new marketing tool for retailers

Offering WiFi isn’t just a nice thing to do for your customers anymore. For a lot of merchants, it’s the most important marketing tool that they use. In the following article, we aim to explain how WiFi marketing can turn your clients into repeat buyers and loyal fans.

But first things first. Let us start with some basic concepts.

What is Wi-Fi marketing?

WiFi marketing is when retailers provide internet access to shoppers and then use it as a channel to promote their products and personalize services. Through Wi-Fi software, you can collect data, monitor foot traffic and trends in your store. When customers log in to free Wi-Fi, you can track how they move throughout the store and create heatmaps that show where they spend the most and least amount of time.

Being able to see how customers move around in your store helps you improve your in-store operations and promotions. You can identify busy times that require more staff and see the areas in your location that customers miss or don’t spend much time in.

This information also helps as you can tie this data to shopper profiles so you can send email and text marketing campaigns about products on display in areas where individual customers spend the most time in your store.

What Does WiFi Marketing Look Like from a consumer’s perspective?

A customer walks into a store and joins the in-store WiFi network. Upon joining, their phone will redirect to a screen, or splash page, where they’ll likely see a message from the store and more information about the network and its terms of us. The customer will agree to those terms and possibly provide something like an email address or access to their Facebook profile to gain access to the network.

We suppose you’ve already figured how it can benefit the retailer. The procedure lets them send the client future targeted messages, be it through email or a targeted social ad, and personalize the content.

What World WiFi has to offer

World Wi-Fi has rolled out a marketplace using which our business clients can interact with their customers in a more convenient and technological way. A business owner (mostly we focus on HoReCa, Beauty industry, Event industry, and etc.) can pick one of our services like Online Queueing System or Hotel Chat and then the chosen option will be integrated into the local Wi-Fi system. Let’s review what World WiFi can offer to a retailer.

- World WiFi allows merchants to create digital IDs of their clients, based on their preferences

- You can collect data and then use it to better understand the in-store experience, and what makes your customers tick. (And if you have more than one location, be sure to do a comparative analysis, too!)

- You can inform your customers about new products and services through WiFi and collect their feedback

- You can track customer movement in the store and place the highest-margin items where customers are most likely to convert

Summing up the above

There are a number of ways retailers can use WiFi marketing to promote their brand. This can start with the message on your splash page, through to retargeted ads and follow-up email campaigns. Some retailers use WiFi to promote personalized offers based on users’ activity and Facebook profiles. You can also use foot traffic data to inform store layout and visual merchandising decisions. Oh! And don’t forget that the benefits go both ways as your clients get access to a free and faster network than their cell phone service provider’s, and they can also save on data usage.

We are eager to know your thoughts on the topic. Please, let us know what you think in the comment section