Stay hungry, stay foolish… with Wooddy

Hello. It`s been a year of me working on Wooddy — a startup making customizable VR headsets. It was an awesome year with a lot of great people and opportunities. We developed second version of headset and told a lot of people and companies about it. A lot of challenges were passed and more have been discovered. I also discovered that one man army is not the fastest army, and to catch all opportunities in rapidly developing world I need a business partner.

Wooddy headset v2 with customizable design and aroma features

So I`m looking for you. Or maybe for your friend. For person with whom we will share same goals, values, victories and defeats. The person that is hungry for hard work and success. A business person with wonderful mind.

Wooddy is turning to accessory production now, a major interest in VR but also developing stylish wooden products. We will work mainly in b2c, although doing some sales in b2b. Write me on Facebook , email or in comments, let’s talk!

Honesty and respect from me. Shared ownership and profits. Part-time engagement through first couple of months, then full-time. EVERYTHING that is in one-pager above is OPTIONAL. If you have any doubts on writing me… write and don’t hesitate. Let`s rock!

P.S. Maybe you have a friend that wanted to start a business or wanted to join some. Connect us, and if this person becomes my business partner, you`ll get 20 Wooddy headsets v1. I don`t know why you need them, but isn`t it just awesome?

***Learning more***

After fire, before water

That`s a photo of first crush test of Wooddy VR headset. It didn’t want to catch fire, since density of wooden material is very high, but it had no chances against 10 minutes in boiling water. 
Next stage is above the sky: why not to test how strong are Wooddy products by dropping them from the middle of stratosphere? I already now a couple of people that would love to help us with that.
Technically, there are no problems. Except the one: I need a business partner, who has knowledge or willing to know how to perform such actions in best way. How to turn 40km fall into brand awareness or sales, and do interesting stuff in clever way.


Tomasz Kammel testing Wooddy headset live

It was an awesome experience, back then in TVP2 studio. Generally, I love public events: conferences, presentations, expos. Pure fun. I find there either amazing people, or amazing knowledge.
And this has to be managed in a right way, go along with our strategy. Contacting press, creating newsbreaks, doing rest of PR activities… 
As majority of things, we will share tasks in this sphere together, although I expect you to do more then me here.

Christmas edition


I am the person who takes care of supply. I design products and organise production of them. I also take care of graphical design. Wooddy was presented during a lot events, and it also was made by me.
BTW, check .


Maps is the product we are going to work on during next couple of months, if you won’t propose something better. We need to verify all assumptions, upgrade the product and establish sales funnel.
We have big range of opportunities for internationalisation and scaling.

Wooddy map, first photos

Actually, this is already third video about Wooddy. The thing is not everything was published. We were shooting it for two days and editing for much more time. Very interesting (and not easy) process, as I learned.
Answering questions of some people, I have to say that with business partner we will have to do everything. This is what happens when you are in small team: you write video script, you act, you share the video.

Shooting scene that was not show in video

And video has to deliver results — drive sales or increase publicity. You will have to create content and strategy of how this content is going to work for Wooddy. Research market niches and do Facebook ads. Write articles and optimise sales funnel. Talk to brick and mortar shops and create partnerships with online ones. Sell b2b services. Optimise our website, or create on from scratch.

Some work we will share, some work will be just individual. Generating ideas and creating new product features also may be the thing you will do. With plans for fast growth you even can think about hiring somebody this year.


Think about how did the world change through last three years. And how you could have changed in next three, if started to work on Wooddy.