WorldEX: A Fresh Wind Sweeping in a Revolution of New Crypto Exchanges

The world keeps developing at a rapid pace and cryptocurrency has spiralled the global financial system into an abyss of endless possibilities. As a result of the growing need for cryptocurrency, several exchanges have been set up to meet the needs of crypto traders. However, most of these exchanges lack the required structural features to handle and engage users of their platforms. This is even evident in the way the so called “big” exchanges had to panic and shut down registration of new members late last year when they couldn’t handle the unprecedented influx of new users. This is why WorldEX has been established to cater to the shortfalls of the existing exchanges and even surpass them.

WorldEX’s team of dynamic visionaries and developers have gone through the processes required to set up a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency exchange that will be simple to use yet efficient. From order books and payment gateways to functional script and library codes, WorldEX has you covered with their exciting platform. The interactive exchange will have never-before experienced features like streaming of traders, social trading contribution, analytics of recent activities, emphasis on investment strategies as well as free access to opinion leaders and crypto gurus in a trading environment that is safe and secure.

The different types of exchange in the crypto space are divided in into three below;

The Main Trading Platform: Where basic trading takes place as buyers and sellers head into transactions based on what the current market price dictates at that point in time. Most platforms will make deductions as trading fees.

Direct Platform: Here is a unique peer-to-peer trading between users. What sets it apart from the main trading platform above is the fact that it does not operate based on a fixed market price. Each trader is expected to agree at their own exchange rate for transactions to take place.

Brokers: These are web-based exchanges with the ability to allow any user buy crypto at a set price by the broker. Some compare these to forex brokers because of the similar fashion in which they operate.

The crypto space is saturated with almost countless exchanges today that it becomes difficult for the average user to choose which to focus on. WorldEX has acquired viable knowledge on the weakness of its competitors and have taken carefully measured steps to make certain your foray into the world of cryptocurrency is one to always remember.
 Security: Many doubters have reason to believe that cryptocurrency will fail as a whole because of various hacks and breaches that many users have suffered at the hands of some careless exchanges. WorldEX holds security of their users as the most important factor and as such will implement 2FA (two-factor authentication) for users to enter a code from their smartphone which expires after every 30-seconds.

Verification: As part of a security measure that is required in some countries, especially in the USA, UK and Japan, users will be required to make a digital submission of their ID (national passport, drivers licence, national ID). Popular and more secure platforms go one further by asking users to take a selfie while holding their ID and at times they may be required to write the exchange’s name and date on a piece of paper and then take the picture. WorldEX will leverage on its core technology by including facial and speech recognition as part of its AML/KYC procedure to further secure its users.

Transparency on fees: Trust is a very important factor in customer retentionship and as such it is vital that exchanges disclose exactly how much fees they will be charging their users for making use of the platform. WorldEX intends to make their fees affordable and transparent for all to see and be content with.

Geographic reach: With certain crypto trading bans being issued in some locations like China and Japan to ward off fraud and excess losses, WorldEX will bypass these limitations by making its platform open to the world.

Deposits and Payment method: All exchanges have different means of accepting payments and deposits. Some users are limited from using some of these exchanges if they can’t access the payment method required by the exchanges. An example is the use of PayPal for making payments. PayPal has limited services in a number of countries and so it will stop users from being able to use that exchange. Other issues like transaction costs and time taken for deposits to appear may also make users frown at some exchanges. WorldEX is going to accept multiple forms of payment so as to welcome all types of users from far and near.

Wallets: Like earlier reiterated, WorldEX takes the issue of hacks and breaches very seriously and that is why they have set up exclusive protocols to ensure that your capital is protected while using their platform. To this end they have gone as far as setting up a propriety digital wallet that will be available on Android devices.

In order to actualize their project, WorldEX is preparing for an ICO that smart investors can cash in on. WorldEX tokens (WDX) will be sold to investors and the total supply of all available WDX tokens is limited to 100 million. The project is going to be huge and the value of WDX tokens will likely go up pretty fast if we have learnt anything from big crypto exchanges that have their own tokens.

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