WoW x Code Green, with Inna Modja

We are delighted to announce that Women and Climate’s Rights activist Inna Modja will be joining our team as our new Philanthropy Advisor. Inna will provide valuable advice on how we can support the most impactful charitable projects on the planet.

We are also very happy that we will now be extending our charitable support to ecological causes, partnering with Code Green NFT to finance verified citizen-powered solutions to the climate crisis, with an emphasis on projects impacting the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Our approach

We’ve long been committed to healing the planet, by harnessing the creative power of the NFT Ecosystem. Not out of a sense of guilt, but rather driven by our strong belief that Art and NFTs can play a pivotal role in fighting the climate crisis.

But the truth is, we’ve had a tough time finding the right sustainability partner that sees the world the way we do. After months of educating ourselves about the best climate solutions out there — we hit a wall.

Over the years, we’ve seen donations of billions of dollars by governments or international NGOs which never seem to make a real impact on the lives of people on the ground, that are fighting the climate emergency each and every day on the frontlines.

For us — it’s never been enough to just offset our carbon footprint through an anonymous scheme, or write a cheque and simply move on.

We want to see our values around diversity, transparency, measurable impact, and people-powered solutions embodied in everything we do and everyone we work with.

That’s why we’ve carefully bided our time and launched World of Women without any immediate support for ecological causes.

Yet, we know only too well that there can be no World of Women, without taking seriously our responsibility to protect the precious ‘World’ we all call home.

A world where women are still more vulnerable than men to the impacts of climate change and are proportionally more dependent on threatened natural resources.

And yet — it is women who hold the key to many of the boldest solutions that can help get us out of this crisis!

That’s why we are thrilled to announce that we have finally found the perfect partner that speaks to everything we believe in.

Partnering with Code Green and welcoming Inna Modja

We are teaming up with Climate and Women’s Rights activist Inna Modja who is joining us as our Philanthropy Advisor. As an ambassador to the United Nations, Inna brings an enormous wealth of experience in the non-profit space. She will offer valuable advice on how best we can target our charitable support — from women and children’s rights to climate change, refugees to health and education — through her new non-profit organization, Code Green NFT which helps select and verify the most impactful citizen-powered projects on the planet.

Inna Modja, our Philantropy Advisor

About Inna Modja and Code Green NFT

Inna Modja is a Malian-French musician and artist, climate, and women’s rights activist.

She was subjected to female genital mutilation when she was a little girl in Mali. The experience left her feeling worthless, but through music and using her voice for the voiceless, she found the power to be resilient. She advocates for Women Empowerment and has become a prominent Climate Justice campaigner being the UNCCD land ambassador and the face of The Great Green Wall initiative, the biggest Climate Project in the world.

Inna is also involved with La Maison des Femmes, a unique place of care for women in difficulty or victims of violence that welcomes between 30 to 50 women per day every day. In 2014, she met Ghada Hatem, the founder of La Maison des Femmes, who asked her to work together as their Ambassador. She knew about her commitment against Female genital mutilations and wanted her to embark on this ambitious project she had in mind. Together they have since carried out several fundraisers for the opening, then the expansion and development of the place.

Inna continues to work alongside them to broaden the reach of this innovative model. Today there are 22 Women’s House Projects underway across France, and one in Belgium and Mexico. They recently opened a refuge that houses young women who’ve been victims of abuse , and support them through their journey .

Code Green NFT is a tech non-profit igniting a healing revolution for the planet that harnesses the disruptive forces of blockchain technology, NFTs, and the creative arts to empower communities to fight for social and climate justice based on their own homegrown solutions.

Kickstarting this new relationship

We believe that World of Women Galaxy is the perfect opportunity to kick-start this long-term relationship.

Our second collection will support in the long run, medium and small organizations which make a daily impact on people’s lives in the areas most affected by global warming. We are also planning to support on a monthly basis climate-related women-driven projects around the world.

We’re proud to be Code Green NFT’s first partner and we’re confident Inna’s model is the one to follow. Let’s make a positive impact together!



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