We asked Kelvin to tell us about his journey of bringing books to his community, and the first thing he said proudly was ‘‘students and teachers call me e-reader!’’ His warm smile and positive outlook on life are infectious, and we want to share his story to inspire others.

Once in a while you meet someone with an extraordinarily big heart. Someone who takes it upon themselves to enrich the lives of others and spread happiness. Kelvin is someone like that. Of all places, we met Kelvin on Facebook. The Internet is increasingly connecting the world and communicating through Facebook…

If you think people don’t read on their mobile phones, think again. This year alone, people across Africa and Asia have spent 1,028,109 hours reading on Worldreader Mobile. That’s a whopping 42,838 days and a mind-blowing 117 years!

Our readers have used their phone to devour a range of reading materials including Caine prize-winning short stories, health information on Ebola and HIV, children’s picture books, Harlequin romance novels, science textbooks and biographies — just to name a few.

Firstly, it’s incredible that one million hours of reading have happened in parts of the world where paper books are scarce. This…

Meet Issac and his surprising closest friend 

By Yolanda Dsane

During a recent e-reader launch in the town of Adeiso (Ghana), Worldreader, the organization that I work for whose mission is to bring digital books to every child and her family, recognized four former students (one girl and three boys) for their excellent performance in the subjects of English and Social Studies. The award? Their own Kindle loaded with thousands of digital books.

I took the time to interview the former Worldreader students and one of them stood out: Isaac Koomson. I asked him the following questions and was blown away by his response.

My life has…


We're a global non-profit on a mission to bring digital books to every child and her family, so that they can improve their lives.

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