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I wrote something (in Swedish, on a site that’s since been emptied out and gutted, but still……) about reboots and remakes and franchises last year and, even after digging deep, couldn’t really figure out what I actually think about all of this. Remakes in particular might be most difficult because I can’t really point to a remake that I’ve really loved, but I’ve really enjoyed 21 & 22 Jump Street which maybe doesn’t qualify. I had no problems with the new Ghostbusters but remembered, when the originals aired on Swedish television right before the new premiere, that…I didn’t really like them to begin with. I really enjoy the Ocean’s trilogy and wish they had kept going, simply because they were good fun and not much else. But beyond that…sure, The Magnificent Seven was kinda fun but also pretty much a paint-by-numbers job…I haven’t bothered to see any of the other films mentioned in the article out of preconceived notions but all ratings and what-have-you have proven my instincts right. So…what else is there? I can see how a new White Men Can’t Jump can be fun, sure. I’m thrilled that there’s no Blade Runner remake but a sequel instead. I’m still disappointed that the American Old Boy isn’t good at all despite having a great team behind it and a great cast.

What I’m saying is: there are too many parameters at play here, for me at least. It’s a case-by-case thing, I guess.

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