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The issue of dominance is always borne out of the eye of the beholder: the Warriors play mesmerizing basketball and will therefore prevail, until they are completely found out and the next great team rises up. This narrative about them being boring, or making the league boring, is ridiculous. Especially considering how this sort of thing has happened over and over again for the last 30 years: Lakers 87–88, Pistons 89–90, Bulls 91–93, Rockets 94–95, Bulls 96–98, Lakers 00–02, Lakers 09–10, Heat 12–13, and now the Warriors (or Cavs, if they somehow turn things around despite being 3–0 down). The worst part of this is that everybody complaining about it probably know exactly this, and yet they call Durant names for destroying the league or whatever. It’s sucking the fun out of outrageously good teams trying to best each other.

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