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While I agree whole-heartedly that, yes…deadlines are there to be met and if not at least explained, I don’t agree with anything being promised beyond the July 2015 release date. Frank Ocean putting a library slip with a bunch of dates on it on his website maybe implies something to some people, but it doesn’t constitute a promise to me. Music sites who fell for the hype rather than taking a step back and a breath or two just ran with it for some reason. To my knowledge, Frank Ocean has set one release date. He missed it and should’ve just said that it’s delayed. Then, he hasn’t specifically said anything about July 2016, or anything about the video leading to an album release. Logically, that’s what it’s for. But what’s the point in the speculation when there’s nothing to back it up? He’ll release it when he feels ready. He doesn’t owe us anything.

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