So, Resilience.

Why raising the voices of all AMAB trans people is critical to our survival.

Despite everything thrown at us, whether intentional or through neglect, we fight on. We crush our obstacles beneath iron heels and steel-toed boots. Our stratagems and experiences may vary, but once we find one another, we can allow ourselves to connect, support, and become a durable phalanx of voices.

Many of us grew up believing we were alone, but it turns out that was never the case. Still, our access to survival is controlled by those who don’t want their authority and dogma challenged. They continue to obsess with gatekeeping while we merely seek out our right to exist without being compelled to audition for archaic DSM brownie points and by necessity to travel the skies without sexual assault. To that we call bullshit. Being trans is as old and storied as humanity itself, and we’ve always deserved better. We always will.

In recent years, we saw slight improvement in our daily lives under the Presidency of Barack Obama. However, on the night of November 9, 2016, a crushing disaster struck humanity on a global scale. A newly pervasive fascism was thereby emboldened with the rise of Bannon-Trump, 4-chan, KiwiFarms, Gamergate, and reanimated trans exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs). Bigots have been coming out of the woodworks world wide. Skinheads openly walking the streets of cities across the continent and attacks on Muslims, queers, and women are becoming common once more. This is why the raising of every trans voice, but especially of women and girls like us, is of utmost importance. We speak from inside an experience rather than from a smug, amateurish, exclusionary theory. This history is ours, in defiance of erasure, hypocrisy, and bonfires.

And we — trans women, trans girls, and AMAB trans people — are not a social experiment. We are badass warriors who fight for survival with ingenuity, and knowing who we are enriches both cisgender and transgender lives. Reclaim the narrative. Make it our own.

The stories within our upcoming anthology, Resilience, stir the deepest powers of emotion — anger, love, sadness, incredulous laughter, even hate. This is a journey into color and discovery, night into day. On a personal level, I just want the youth of today and tomorrow to read this book, hear and grock with these voices, and then hopefully chime into the narrative on their own terms.

Eat with us, drink with us, work with us, sleep with us, stand with us, party with us, pee with us. This is only the beginning of a new and better future. For everyone.

Larissa Glasser is the editor of the upcoming Resilience Anthology, slated for Summer 2017 release at Wormbook Press. Her fiction has appeared in The Healing Monsters Volume One and Procyon Press Science Fiction Anthology (2016). She has previously published nonfiction in Harvard Review, The Boston Phoenix, and Maelstrom. She’s on Twitter @larissaeglasser and blogs at

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